Steampunk Adventures back from a real life interruption!

Hello everyone,
I can’t believe that I have not posted anything here since June of 2011!  So much has happened in the past several months..real life has certainly provided me with some adventures!  I am grateful for that ..there is nothing like leading a rich full life.

Here is a link to the latest Steampunk Adventures Magazine:

Second Life does still provide a platform for people to create their own Steampunk fantasy.   Here are a few pictures of my Steampunk Tours from this summer.



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Steampunk Shopping Day in Second Life!

Second Life provides for a platform for creative expression that cannot be compared or really described.  In addition to creative ability, in order to be successful in Second Life one must have a certain level of technical skill and ability.
Most store owner also design their own merchandise so in addition to their technical and creative skills they must also be able to manage a store or site in Second Life, or have a level of business acumen. If their store is themed they must also have knowledge of that the theme that they chose to promote in their store..Steampunk is one of those themes that is very popular in Second Life that also requires creativity and knowledge of the theme.
What I have included below is a photo essay of some of my favorite shops and sites in Second Life that sell Steampunk themed clothing and other things such as gadget and furniture that all have a Steampunk theme.
One of my favorite Second Life merchants is Black Opal.  Not only is their clothing beautiful and elegant it also seems to tell a story as you can see from the photos and videos on their site.
Black Opal Designs



Le Boheme – Victorian, Gothic, Vampire , and Steampunk designs.   Prefabs, houses, mansions, furniture and art.

La Boheme is a great site with a couple of Steampunk Themed Stores including Wretched Dollies featured below.



This beautiful sim also features Victorian themed homes for rent such as this one below:


Wretched Dollies

Wretched Dollies features fashions and accessories for men and women who are seeking the perfect outfit in a Steampunk Theme.



Shopping, shops, retail, commercial, residential, housing, rentals, Victorian Steampunk shops and residences
Quaint & Curious Contraptions

This sim is referred to as “a steampunk area spread over eight full regions, each named after a popular Victorian novelist. As well as shops and residences, Residents can visit some beautiful parkland, ports, and the impressive Mieville Magical Academy.




Stormy’s Golden Oriole and Steampunk


Dirty Lynx
The long established apparel brand. Fantasy, Goth, Grunge, Steam apparel. Avatars for sale, Armors, Victorian dresses, baggy pants, skins, sculpted jackets, Devices and gadgets.





Julia’s Collection
Creating furniture that is unique with a whimsical touch.
Designs are inspired by Steampunk, Victorian, fantasy and grunge elements, infused to make your home flabbergasting.



Illustrated below is an art exhibition by  Talullah Winterwolf on the Gear Jammer Sim:


Grimm Brothers   Everything here is “delicious!” it’s like wearable art!




I am exhausted! Grim Brothers is a great place to stop..for today!

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Steampunk Adventures June/July 2011

SAJuneJuly2011  The Newest Issue of Steampunk Adventures is now out!

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A partial view of Steampunk in #secondlife

There are 10 sites in Second Life which define themselves as “Steampunk” and can be found on the website.  These are:

New Babbage
Armada Breakaway
Rossers Landing
Tangier East
Steelhead Port Harbor

What follows is a photo essay of my journey through each of these sites, with a slurl to each and a bit of a background on each.  As I chronicled my journey through Caledon with my last posting I will only add an additional photo or two and a slurl to Steam Sky City.  We will start there:

Here is the SLURL to New Babbage:

In front of the Men’s Outfitter’s Store Pearsed and Cut:

More information on New Babbage can be found on this Second Life Wikia: .

More photos of New Babbage:

This picture clearly illustrates the industrial environment of New Babbage:

A picture outside of the T a T Store (Victorian Fashions) in Port Babbage:

(excuse me while I do a bit of shopping)

An airship that hovers over Port Babbage:

Tangiers East:

One of the first places you will land at Tangiers East is their Sky Mall:

Of course I had to shop a bit:

MAB and Company; Builds, flora and fauna:

A memorial to fallen Second Lifers:

According to a notecard received at the NeoVictoria Sim the creator intended to do the following:

Much of this lore had its base in the tales of pre-Christian Scandinavia and the Celtic peoples. I began thinking …what would the Earth be like if some of the Norsk deities of old had not faded, but were living and breathing and politicking with humans still? Svartálfheim in ascendancy?
Neo Victoria is a role play sim located at the following SLURL:

Next I moved on to the beautiful Mythopoeia sim and the Curious Prim Store:

According to Wikipedia Mythopoeia is:

Mythopoeia (also mythopoesis, after Hellenistic Greek μυθοποιία, μυθοποίησις “myth-making”) is a narrative genre in modern literature and film where a fictional mythology is created by the writer of prose or other fiction. This meaning of the wordmythopoeia follows its use by J. R. R. Tolkien in the 1930s. The authors in this genre integrate traditional mythological themes and archetypes into fiction.
Some of the merchandise in Curious Prim Store:

Rosser’s Landing is home to The Riot Act a Steampunk inspired nightclub in Second Life.

I won’t write too much about Rosser’s Landing as I have written about this sim in the past:

There are several more sims I would like to write about in the future so consider this posting …

To Be Continued!

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Discussion groups in #secondlife

05/22/11  07:00 pm SLT/PST
1 hours
Music Books! and Fun ..and more Second Life on Kalki
Cathy Haystack (cathywyo1.haystack)
Great fun! We discuss anything and everything never know what topic will come up. Provocative and thought provoking..drop by..we love to meet new writers, hear what great books your have read or even discuss the political topic of the day. I am an educator, writer and interested in Steampunk even though I know I have a lot to learn! and ! Cathywyo1 Haystack in Second Life
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Caledon !!! #secondlife



Caledon Oxbridge University


Caledon Victoria city


Caledon South End

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Discussion Group in #secondlife

Always a lot of fun and we learn a lot from each other too! A discussion group that can cover a variety of topics: writing, what your favorite book is, movies, TV and politics..we also talk a lot about Second Life, good and bad! Drop by if you want to engage in a fun interesting discussion. As the publisher of Steampunk Adventures magazine I am always looking for creative writers and artists.   Find me, Cathywyo1 Haystack in Second Life to find the landmark in my picks or send me a friend request!

05/19/11 07:00 pm  PST/SLT
1 hours
Music Books! and Fun ..and more Second Life on Kalki
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