Steampunk Adventures!

I remind myself and those I know to keep yourself open to opportunities and adventures you never know what is waiting right over the horizon.  Well one such opportunity did avail itself not only to me but to Onyx Plutonian, Lilliejay Miles, Andy Riverstone and Squeak Tomsen.  This venture was first brought to our attention by Mr. Plutonian with the offer of a partnership in acquiring Anna Darwinian’s Steampunk Adventure which was listed on the Steampunk Forum as below:

Who wants adventure? who wants thrills and chills and opportunity and lots of prims to play around with?

I am looking for some enterprising steamlander who would like to take over the lease of my wonderful store in Winterfell Anodyne. Real life plus bunnies is leaving me too little time for those steampunk adventures that introduced me to so many steamlanders over the past 6 moths. Although my neglect of the store has seen traffic slide from many thousands during the Steam Hunt in March*, it still represents a fine opportunity as a great place for your store. Serra Anansi, a truly delightful landlady, is transforming the Winterfell region with enormous energy. Winterfell Anodyne sits at the border between existing Victorian steampunk regions and a dark Medieval fantasy that is attracting new residents.

With the kind permission of Koshari Mahana, I can leave my store building in place for a new storekeeper. Many elegant and distinguished makers currently display their goods there, paying 20% commission on their sales — I would hope most are willing to continue doing so if the new owner chooses. The ground floor has 3 rooms — Adventurer, Rogue, and Castle — full of tempting goods for steampunk/fantasy/scifi aficionados. The second floor has one room full of freebies for builders and another “Storekeeper Central” with high quality supplies for business in Second LIfe. The rooftop has a garden and a few flying machines.

Come take a look! Even if you don’t want the whole store, you might go home with an HG Wells time machine or an ornate Victorian looking glass animated with crawl-through-the-wall .

Only 4000L per week gets you this fine large space with 1876 prims, on the usual steamlands terms of “ownership.” Price is negotiable and will include an also-negotiable amount of my help with the transition. Here below are a couple of ads I have written for the store, I am going to miss it but you will love it. And let me thank all my customers and suppliers for the wonderful adventure this store has been.

Anna Darwinian

* p.s. I have already signed the store up for the September edition of the Steam Hunt, so the new owner can again expect enormous traffic to rearrive then.

Wit, distinction, and glamor for your manor house, castle, or pirate lair from the glorious and fantasy-embellished dream of Victorian steampunk. Fantasy vehicles, time machines, Alice in Wonderland looking glass, corsets, rocket boots. Props for shops.

Rogue, adventurer, catgirl, gentleman, pirate? Huge messy fun store, Victorian steampunk aircraft, balloon, time machine, clothing, toys, adventure. Exuberant furniture, fantasy gifts, art. Garden, greenhouse. Upscale luxury , fun freebies too. Explore! Summernator egg beds, cupids, giant steampunk boots by Nix Sands, and more.

Anna Darwinian’s Steampunk Adventures Store — Creations by many makers, landmarks to much more. A great starting place for further adventure in Caledon, Winterfell, New Babbage, Steelhead. Look for the special Caledon library freebie etchings, full of info for new Second Lifers. sci-fi scifi, Jules Verne, HG Wells, Cthulu, clockwork, clocks, blinkenlights, funny, friendly, open, rummage through our fun collection here and get inspired. Free black leather jacket with golden cogs on shoulders.”

When Mr. Plutonian described the venture I immediately requested, without hesitation,  to be a part of this exciting opportunity.   That plus Miss Darwinian’s captivating description of the Steampunk lifestyle, clientele, and the chance to purchase an existing enterprise in Winterfell Anodyne..well it was just too good to pass up.

With the enthusiasm of the team to power us ahead we have met, thoroughly toured the establishment and are planning some changes.   Our vision for the future is to make Steampunk Adventures a cooperative venture on many levels, for vendors, customers and partners.

We are seeking out the best of the best in goods and services for our customers as well as initiatives to provide a high level of marketing to our vendors.  We hope to establish a co-operative model of costing which will provide members with the best prices on the grid, the first to see and own exclusive merchandise, and specials on discounted items.

With many great plans for a grand opening, logo contest, and steampunk fashion and art themed events the fun and adventure seems never ending.  Continue to watch this space for updates!


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