Our busy week Steampunk Adventure

It has been more than a busy week for the Plutonian Property Management Group with real life and Second Life keeping us all in a whirl.  Yet planning and progress marches on for this venture.

Andy and Liliejay keep in contact with Anna Darwinian to make the “re-arrangements” at Steampunk Adventures.  We continue to contact and follow up with existing vendors in order to change ownership on their items so we can makes moves and adjustments at the Steampunk Adventures Store in Winterfell Anodyne.

Contacts are being made with potential vendors in order to expand our inventory.  If you or someone you know is a builder, content creator, or artist in the Steampunk theme please don’t hesitate to contact one of us.

We also put together a combined ad for the Caledon’s Oxbridge University:

I was contacted by Saffia Widdershins of Primperfect and was asked to prepare a press release for the upcoming issue of the magazine regarding the changes for the Steampunk Adventures Store.  I quickly wrote that out and got it submitted right before the deadline.  In the meantime I designed an ad for the upcoming Primgraph:

As I become more and more familiar with the surroundings at Steampunk Adventures I really like what I am seeing:

Our combined ad:


About steampunkadventurers

Group for the Steampunk Adventure Emporium in Second Life
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