The Plutonian Property Management Team

The members of Plutonian Property Management Group are actively involved in Second Life. While they are dedicated to the success of Steampunk Adventures Store they each have their own entrepreneurial and other ventures in Second Life. Essentially though, I can almost hear him say it..we are tied by one “serendipitous happenstance” or another to Mr. Onyx Plutonian.

Andy Riverstone and Cathywyo1 Haystack each rent from Mr. Plutonian.  CathyWyo1 has recently given up three of her parcels in  Caledon Glengarry to move her inventory and create new inventory at Thistle Hill, a venture owned by Onyx Plutonian.  Andy  Riverstone, new to Second Life, came in-world to assist Mr. Plutonian in the management of Thistle Hill, specifically the Empress of the Aethers in booking and managing music acts.  Since that time Andy has set up her own entrepreneurial venture with a bunny shop and the new breed-able fairies. Below is a picture of Miss Riverstone’s bunny store:

Mr. Plutonian met Squeak Tomsen on Plurk and in that way Mr. Tomsen became aware of this venture and threw in his fortunes with the rest and is now an integral part of the team.  You can see  picture of Mr. Tomsen’s fine establishment below.

Cathywyo1 Haystack, as mentioned above, had established two art galleries in Second Life, but due to some real life changes found that they were being neglected.  Even though she was more than happy to pay the tier and let them languish she saw real benefit from moving her inventory to Thistle Hill and working with Mr. Plutonian and the rest on the team on some creative and exciting projects.  These projects include Christmas for All Seasons and The Steampunk Adventures Magazine.  In addition to this Miss Haystack has set up the Haystack Emporium which includes vendors with a variety of inventory to meet every home, fashion and decorating need.. check it out today!

Unfortunately we are losing Lilliejay Mills however she will continue to maintain her activities at Caledon’s Oxbridge University.  We are actively seeking a partner to replace her, she will be sadly  missed, but we are happy she will continue her contribution to Second Life and the Caledon community. Therefore we are seeking a new member to round out the PPM team.  The partnership does require a small investment, towards tier fees, on the part of the new partner. There are benefits to being a part of the team which includes playing a role in the management of the store, participating with the magazine team, being able to market your own ventures through Steampunk Adventures, and pursuing future opportunities with a great and creative group of individuals.

At the center of all of this is long time Caledon resident, entrepreneur, investor, writer and Caledon Library Administrative Assistant Onyx Plutonian. . Owner of the shops at the top of Thistle Hill, Mr. Plutonian has expanded his ventures to include the Empress of the Aethers a live music venture which attracts an audience from across the grid.   As his profile states he wears many hats in his second life recently acquiring the title of Publisher of Steampunk Adventures magazine.


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