Steampunk Adventures Magazine Launch Party Wrap up!!! #secondlife

The Steampunk Adventures Magazine team and friends rocked out and crashed the sim of Winterfell Anodyne. The magazine team lead by editor Kitsuko Pelazzi decided to launch the first edition of their magazine Steampunk Adventures on Friday August 13th at Steampunk Adventures Store.

The festivities, lead by DJ Lucien Brentano kicked off at 6 PM, and it wasn’t long until a sizable crowd gathered. On hand for the festivities was the Steampunk Adventures Store design contest winner Tehanu Marenwolf, PPM member Lilliejay Mills, Valdyr Dreamscape, Onyx Plutonian and Cathywyo1 Haystack.  In addition to this members of the magazine crew were also on hand including Gordon Soleil, joining Onyx, Cathy and Kitsuko.

With attendies such as Searra Annansi, Gabrielle Riel, Saffie Widdersins, Anna Darwinian, SimpleAmy Iwish, Icarus Ghost, Elvira Afterthought,  and Stereo Nacht, it was bound to be a rockin’ night..and it was!!  the overall guest list, those  coming and going, is just too long to list here .. those are the ones that this poor typist can recall.   Each guest was handed a copy of the newly minted, fresh off the press, first issue of the Steampunk Adventures magazine.

The night started out inauspicious enough, even though there was a bit of tension (lag) in the air that seemed to make things a bit “snaggy.”   Well the tension seemed to build when mid show, I was logged out for the rest of the night.  In spite of that from all reports everyone had a good time and we thank all who attended for their great support!  Special thanks to DJ Lucien for spinning some fine tunes.

Below are some shots from the wrap up discussion after the event.

an unidentified guest, Elvira Afterhthought, Kitsuko Pelazzi, Onyx Plutonian

Pictured above are Kitsuko Pelazzi, Onyx Plutonian, Icarus Ghost


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