Be A Part of the Adventure!!!

The inaugural  photo safari for Steampunk Adventures is planned for Saturday August 21st at 5PM PST/SLT.. Gordon Soleil created the below engaging back-story to involve you in the exciting adventure that awaits as the group travels to Legacies:

As the ship I’m on capsizes, I manage to get to one of the few remaining lifeboats. A few tired souls, huddling under the canvas for protection, help me row the thing to safety, beyond the grip of the savage storm that struck our vessel. We keep rowing for a few hours, the terror of a water grave overruling our bodies’ feeble pleas for rest. Finally, when we can’t take any more, we come into sight of a city. Dark and soot-stained, seeming to cling to the ground as if afraid someone might try to kidnap it, it’s a far cry from the cheerful folk of Austral, the go-getting, adventurous attitude of New Babbage or the stately, refined nature of Caledon. My fellow marooneers and I step off the lifeboat and onto the docks, and immediately notice an oppressive air about the place. I’ve just arrived at the city of Legacies…and I can’t help but feel that the storm was only the beginning.

…This is only a teaser..the adventure continues!!!  To be a part of the adventure grab the below SLURL come into Second Life and participate in this photo safari!

SLURL to Steamupunk Adventures Store, the starting point for the photo safari:

All participants are encouraged to submit their snapshots for inclusion in the photo montage of the excursion printed in the next issue of Steampunk Adventures.  One lucky submission may be chosen as the inspirational image for our “Picture Is Worth 1000 Words” writing adventure.  See our submission guidelines for the required resolution.


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