Let the Hunts Begin!

Yes folks it’s hunting time again and this September Steampunk Adventures is pleased to be partaking in two excellent hunts: the STEAM 3 Hunt and MadPea Production’s Mad Mushroom Hunt.

Over the weekend we got ourselves busy making the shop presentable. We got the bunneh’s busy dusting, polished the brass, cleaned the windows and trimmed the lawn. And most importantly, we hid the hunt objects.

We are #35 on the STEAM 3 Hunt. Our gear is well hidden and our clue is clever. At least, we think so. More info on this Hunt, the 3rd in what is becoming one of the most popular hunts on the grid, can be found on the official hunt blog: http://steamthehunt.blogspot.com/ The start location for the STEAM 3 hunt is the Steampunk Information Center in Mieville Doyle (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mieville%20Doyle/79/72/26)

We are also pleased to be part of MadPea’s Mad Mushroom hunt.  We are #41 out of 100 stores participating.  This hunt is unlike other hunts in a couple different ways. 
First, every  hunter has a chance to win Lindens along the way.  Second, succeeding locations are suggested randomly at each stop rather than  following a list.  The starting point for the Mad Mushroom Hunt is at MadPea Circus (http://slurl.com/secondlife/MadPea%202/44/90/36)

Oh!  I almost forgot!  Here are our hints:

STEAM 3 : “Up, up and  away In my beautiful, my beautiful balloon!”

Mad Mushroom: “A (mush) room with a view.”


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Group for the Steampunk Adventure Emporium in Second Life
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