Steampunk Adventures Follows The Adventure At Vitruvian

We at Steampunk Adventures are excited to be following the activities at Vitruvian what follows is the first in a series of postings regarding this new micro-nation in Second Life.  The creation of this sim is the result of the creative team of Paul Creighton and BobbieJo Jonson.

I met Paul Creighton shortly after his rez day of April 28th into Second Life, since that time he has made remarkable strides and left an indelible mark on the Second Life landscape, first with Creghton Air Tours and now with the evolution of Vitruvian.    Creighton Air Tours, located in Steelhead (Second Life) provides the tourist and other adventurers with airship tours and lodging in the steamlands/steam punk themed sim.   The group holds tea every Tuesday 6:30-7:25pm and Thursday 4pm-5pm (sometimes longer).  The writer of this post is a semi-regular attendee at the tea.

Mr. Creigton, in the required period costume for role play at Vitruvian, and myself in the Ducal Box at the arena at Vitruvian.  It is at the arena where the grand opening activities,scheduled for September 10th will take place.

During our discussion over tea on on September 7th Mr. Creighton stated that the period and place for the role play at Vitruvian is concentrated on a period of time in the late renaissance in Italy.  The role play is centered around clockpunk, which Mr. Creighton defined as “a genre of speculative fiction which postulates an alternative technology path where modern technologies are realized prior to industrialization.   If you already have steampunk as a frame of reference, it is cogs and gears, without the steam.  Wind, water, and animals provide the power.  Which may be used to wind springs, which allows for compactness of machines.”

The schedule of events for the grand opening at Vitruvian is as follows  If you are interested please contact Mr. Creighton in-world for the associated landmarks and times for the role play:

9 September
4pm-5:30pm SLT
Steampunk Adventure Tea

*We Meet Every Thursday*
Travel to distant lands!  Meet strange and exotic people!  And have tea with them!
This Week: A Visit to Florence – Celebrating Michelangelo’s David

10 September
11am-12:30pm and 7pm-8:30pm
Vitruvian Harbor – Special Events Platform (use teleporter)

Vitrivian Harbor Grand Opening (Carnival)
We open the region and the carnival in grand style with a jousting tournament unlike anything you’re ever seen, but still extremely familiar.  Games and prizes all around the region and everyone should be dressed in their carnival best, including masks.

11 September
Vitruvian Harbor – Caravan Auction

Scheduled Clockpunk Role Play
The carnival continues and so does scheduled role play.  Ducats are refreshed shortly after this session, so this is the weekly deadline for submitting a new character.

14 September
Vitruvian Harbor – Caravan Auction

Scheduled Clockpunk Role Play
The carnival continues and so does scheduled role play.  At least one GM will be on hand to answer your rules questions and to assist in character creation.


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