Steampunk Adventure in Winterfell Photo Safari

The next Steampunk Adventures photo safari trip will cover the sims of our home, Winterfell. In planning this trip we have had the good fortune to make contact with some of the residents of Winterfell, including Ray Weyland and CeeJay Tigerpaw who have each graciously agreed to open their sims and homes to our photo safari participants. This photosafari will be held on Friday, September 17 at 5PM SLT. Winterfell is a 10 sim state with a darkly medieval theme owned by Serra Anansi. Information from Winterfell’s social networking, Spruz site describes Winterfell thus:

Winterfell is a dark fantasy realm in Second Life, designed and inspired by imagination and dreams. Known for its diverse population and lush beauty, Winterfell offers a home to those looking for a close knit community of people with similar values and discriminating tastes.

CeeJay TigerPaw’s Winterfell Sim, Storisende, (slurl CeeJay describes this sim to the visitor as a “public open-space area with a magical touch. Feel free to wander. Help yourself to a canoe. Don’t miss the Brachiosaur.”

The adventure will commence from our Steampunk Adventures Store in Winterfell Anodyne. (slurl On this adventure we will also feature Ray Weyland’s sim  of Winterfell Reverie, we are fortunate that he is rolling out the red carpet for us! He has even included a Scavenger Hunt Adventure!

SLURL to Winterfell Reverie:

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1 Response to Steampunk Adventure in Winterfell Photo Safari

  1. BobbiJo Jonson says:

    So excited to see the fountain photo in the article about “Winter Fell”. This is one of my favorites by PUMPKIN TRIPSA. In fact, we (Symbiotic Productions) bought several for MayFair Park in the Johin French Quarter. His work is marvelous. Pumpkin is quite the talented man, besides the sculptures, the clocks, he also is the Mayor and Landlord in Seraph City here in Second Life. Do a search for him, and check out his store, and his works. He has several of his large pieces in miniature form for your Second Life home…

    I see another name I recognize in the Winter Fell article – Ray Weyland. One of the first singers I heard in Second Life, and if I am ever available, I pop over to hear him. With a most unique voice, sounding a ‘lil like Glenn Yarbrough, he is sure to win your heart with his ‘Ray’s big book of songs’…and his many clever originals.

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