September’s Adventure is out for all to see!

The latest edition of STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES has hit the streets.  It is now available on issuu (September Edition) and will soon be arriving as THiNC publications to all our subscribers.

This month our photographic safari team explored the darkly beautiful street of Legacies 1891.  We are still looking for our dear Gordon who seems to have gotten swept away in those dangerous environs.  Several of these images were so compelling that we selected one of them for our new “Picture Worth 1000 Words” feature.

Purrrhaps you have an itch to submit a short story for our publication but have thus far lacked the proper inspiration.  We hope to porvide you that little nudge with our “Picture Worth 1000 Words.”  We think this inspirational image may spark some wonderfully inventive tales for our October edition. 

On the literary end we have another installment of the mis-adventures of  Violet Jessup and three outstanding works of original poetry.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we have. 

Please pick up your copy of STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES today.  Our advertisers would appreciate knowing that at least a few people have seen their ads.

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