Boobiethon Breast Cancer Fundraising Event in Winterfell #secondlife

There is a full slate of Boobiethon events going on in Winterfell.  We here at Steampunk Adventures would be remiss if we did not make note of this.  I stopped by to take a few photos and will check back later to see how things are going with Eva Bellambi and Serra  Anansi. The blog site with the events is available for your review.   From the Second Life events page the following information was posted:  Fighting breast cancer with both humor and irreverence, this week-long event (October 1-7) ensures all proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. It includes an art auction, designer vendors, live music, educational seminars, and a burlesque sho   Website with more information regarding the boobiethon:

The Red Rose

The BoobieThon

Waves of a SeaBreeze

Virtually PJ

I took a few pictures of the Carnival site in Winterfell Anodyne:

A booth at the site promoting breast exams:

T-Shirts for sale to support breast cancer research:

Fortunetellers tent at the Boobiethon Carnival in Winterfell Anodyne:

Photos of the exceptional art available at the silent auction  in Winterfell Anodyne (slurl:

You can still bid on any of these fine art pieces in Second Life.

By AutoPilotPatty Poppy:

Sleeping Beauty (left) by Chrome Underwood and Wind by Fuschia Nightfire:

Scultpture DeStjul Komen by Melita Magic:

A photo of Claymore HIghfield at the BoobieThon Events in Winterfell:

A photo of Dream Deanimator the fortune teller at the Winterfell Carnival

As of this posting almost 300,000L  (over 1000USD) had been raised!!! Congratulations to all involved.


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