Boobiethon hosts educational sessions in Winterfell #secondlife

I was able to attend two Boobiethon education events, all be it somewhat briefly.    The first was presented by Rowan Derryth on the History of Women’s Undergarments.  The presentation was attended by Giles Berithas, Serra Anansi, PJ Trenton, Bellealuna Galaxy, CeeJay Wrtier, Bookworm Heinrichs, Eva Bellambi, JJ Drinkwater, Ellidh McCullough, Annachen Lowey, and Astroia Ronnin and several others.

An interesting subject, one does not give much though to the history of one’s undergarments, however they do indeed have a history.  I did a quick internet search and found the following website if you wish to learn more:

Fashion History of Undergarments:

A history of bras and and underwear over the past 200 years:

And a link to a timeline of historical milestones in the wearing of undergarments .. click here.

A few photos:

Miss Rowan Derryth and an example of her slides:

Miss Rowan starting her presentation:

The audience listens attentively:

Ellidh McCullough and Astorian Ronin:

Miss Serra Anansi presented on awareness, breast exams and provided a wonderful poster presentation for all of us to review and learn from:

A fabulous picture of JJ Drinkwater, Caledon head librarian intently listening to Miss Anansi as she presents:

Oh! and that’s me.. Miss Elvira Afterthought..I learned some new things today ..and it’s always a good day when you learn something new! Thanks to both presenters Miss Anansi and Miss Derryth for all their work on  bringing us this great information.


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