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I have spent this fine afternoon reading through blogs of interest to Steamlanders.   I thought I would share my reading adventure with all of you.  Cathywyo1 Haystack

Profile:  A Caledonian Journey

Observations, digressions, enthusiasms, fictions, and opinions.
Rhianon Jameson/Kathy Jameson in Second Life

Caledon, Steampunk Steamlands… Follow Miss Jameson on Twitter!

The Train Wreck Love Life

Emilly Orr  in Second Life
Profile:  Salix Alba, Winterfell Laudanum, United States Shapeshifter of form, mood and circumstance. Designer of glowing things and charity frocks. Waiting for the night to fall.

The Realm of the Red Rose

Eva Belambi in Second Life

Profile:  Lady Chief of Clan Bellambi, The Lady of Skye – Event planner; Estate Manager – Caledon; Distiller; Fellow of the Royal Society for the Advancement of Natural Sciences; Patron of the Order of the Red Rose; Patron of the Lancers of Skye; Intel Officer – Wrath Fleet; Head MI-5 – Lover of romance, music, art, literature, and exploration.

Songs from the Nightingale

Gabrielle Riel in Second Life

Profile:  I am the Leader of Radio Riel, the owner of the New Toulouse Estate, a resident of New Babbage and the Duchess of Caledon Carntaigh.

A Tuppence worth of Steam

Profile:  Mad Rantings of a Usually Quite Reasonable Woman

Fogwoman Gray:  Caledonian resident

Through the Filter of a Victorian Aesthetic

Edward Pearse

Profile:  New Babbage, Secondlife
Born and raised Scotland and travelled extensively. Duke of Caledon Argylle in exile, Earl of Primbroke, Knight of the White Lion, Colonel of the Caledon Militia (ret). Traveller and explorer, sometime musical presenter and flying enthusiast. Now living in New Babbage with his beloved wife Christine. Owner and tailor of quality gentlemen’s outfitter Pearse’d & Cut.

Waves of a Seabreeze

Breezy Carver in Second Life

Second Life/Steampunk Fashion blogger extraordinaire

Wild Words

Wildstar Beaumont in Second LIfe

Profile:  Wildstar Beaumont’s attempt to share some thought about his virtual life and experiences, should he have any.  Explorer of Second Life by Land and Sea, Privateer, Fleet Captain, lover of books and in-world literary events and part time photographer

Eclipse the ramblings of a mad builder

TotalLunar Eclipse:  Second LIfe
Profile:   I am Total Lunar Eclipse. I am an elf. I am Steelhead.(in Second Life)

Also by Total Lunar Eclipse

Real Life to Second Life

This little corner dedicated to the buildings and architecture created by TotalLunar Eclipse & Tensai Hilra for Steelhead in SecondLife inspired by real world buildings.

Baronial · Notations

Profile:The Live Journal notations of Klaus Vulfenbach   Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, ruler of nearly all of Europa, is frequently misunderstood by detractors, partisans and the fearful. We, the members of the Klaus Defence League, stand to debate those who can’t see the long view Klaus is taking for the future of Europa. After all, a little brain-coring never hurt anybody… who didn’t deserve it.

Backpacking Burro
Welcome to my Second Life

Headburro Antfarm in Second Life

Profile:  I came into SL in November 2006 not knowing what I was looking for – until I found it. Fun, friends & a creative outlet are what have kept me coming back, even in the darkest hours of Linden & lag induced fury. From exploring with Pinkie to joining the theatre group The Show Must Go On, from becoming a gazelle to building a jungle I’ve loved (almost) every minute of what is now not my second life, but more a extension of my first.

The Steelhead Sentinel

Profile:  The Steelhead Sentinel serves the residents of Steelhead, a community found within the virtual world of Second Life®.

Krystine Qinan, Editor.

Lady Adventuress

Profile:   The Second Life Journal of the Duchess of Argylle and Countess of Primbroke (yes, it’s the same person,also going by Lady Primbroke, Mrs. Pearse and sometimes Miss McAllister), wife to Edward Pearse, the Duke of Argylle, Earl of Primbroke.

Christine McAllister Pearse

The Library Militant: Caledon Library News

The Caledon Library serves the Independent State of Caledon. We maintain a collection of materials for the use of residents and other interested parties. We also host exhibits, book talks, lectures, and the occasional donnybrook.


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  1. HBA says:

    Why thank ye kindly 🙂

  2. HBA says:

    But what of the greatest Steampunk storyteller in all of SL, Dr Darien Mason (and family)?

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