New reporter attends Burn2

It was not anticipated that I would be asked to fill in at Steampunk Adventures..oh I don’t mind but everything is in transition with the team with the sudden departure of Mr. Plutonian from the grid and in Miss Haystack’s absence as she puts her affairs in order in anticipation of some up coming real life travel.  Relying on my own intuition it seemed natural to me to cover the Burning2 event in Second Life.

This event showcases the creativity and artistry of Second Life residences and businesses. It demonstrates how individual and groups can capitalize on this environment to best illustrate art and graphic art in 3D.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand several thousand are offered for your consideration as follows:  (Your intrepid roving reporter Miss Waif Ferryhill):

Ok ok I am a gatecrasher it doesn’t officially start for six hours:

Me below wearing one of the fine creations from Blakopal:

Jack Linden? Doesn’t this sort of look like an old fashioned outhouse?

This kind of psychedelic stuff always reminds me of the popular Peter Maxx posters of the 60’s and 70’s..wish I had a few of those don’t you?  Who knows in 20 or 30 years maybe this photo will be worth a few cents:

An exhibitor talking about how to create real life environmental builds.  The virtual world environment allows them to easily demonstrate how this type of build would work in real life without the real life expense:

Perhaps next I will report on the mysterious disappearance of both M. Plutonian and Miss Haystack..could be they are just hangin at Burn2 with their alts:


Here is a link to a blog that will tell you even more:

New World Notes


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