Steampunk Adventures Report Interviews Mr. Multi Writer

I have known MrMulti Writer, in Second Life, or Michael Wells in real life for almost two Second Life only ..but Mic (as his fans like to call him) shares as much of his “real life” with his friends and fans that there is little way of knowing where one life ends and the other begins.  It was a real pleasure to interview this friend and great musician.

Below is a blurb from Mic’s Press Packet:

Mic is a multi-talented artist.  His voice is versatile, expressive,  and  on-key.  He plays amazing guitar and wonderful keyboards.   He sings and plays from the heart.  He is becoming well known for his originals and has over two hours of original songs ready to play.  He is rapidly developing one of the largest repertoires in SL, with well over three hours of cover songs.  He has self- created sequenced backing tracks with harmonies for both originals and cover tunes, but also just as many acoustic  – guitar or keyboard only with voice.   Add to his other talents his engaging personality and sense of humor and you get a heck of a good show.  He is truly.. Mr Multi.

When your heart, mind, and soul need to “go there”, MrMulti Writer (“Mic”) is ready to take you. Shadows of The Greats ~~ Steely Dan, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Beatles , and newer ones  too, like 3 Doors Down, Switchfoot, Matchbox 20, the Weepies ~~  all play backup inspiration to Mic’s endless supply of original songs, all with thoughtful, reflective lyrics and flowing harmonies.

Cathy:  I know you have told this story many times but why did you get started in Second Life?

Michael Wells:  Well I own a computer store in real life, and have background as a programmer – so I was interested in technology in general.  I think I started in Second Life from a google search. I am not sure whether or not i had heard about it first.   I spent a full year wandering around with hardly any friends, only logging in occasionally.  About a year later I was sick and still went to work , but I had fevers every night for a while and for some reason I logged in after work.  during that time I met Suzi Siemens who told me Bri (Brianna Beresford of Tranquil Cafe) was looking for Performers for her Artist in Residence Program .

Cathy:  What sort of technical advise would you give to an aspiring musician wanting to be in Second Life?

You need a good microphone, and a good mixer, and make sure you can stream in stereo.  Most laptops do not have that capability, and you need a USB sound device to input stereo.  Most desktops have line in which supports stereo.

Cathy:  Has being in Second Life helped you as a musician? It has actually defined me as a musician .

The practice I receive here is invaluable. I built my repertoire, I am able to do my originals as well as covers that I love, plus I get immediate feedback.  I am able to assess where I stand by how many attend my shows and the response I get.

Cathy:  How do you choose the songs that you are going to cover?

All the songs i cover are songs that mean a lot to me.  They are songs that I listened to when I was younger, as well as newer songs that I have grown to like.  A relationship with a song is like falling in love .. first you get infatuated and can’t get enough of it, then it levels out and some you stay with and others you drop.

Cathy:  Tell me about your creative process?  How do you write songs?

The best description is that it is like catching a wave.  The idea comes in a wave, and if you are ready to accept it, you ride the wave in and complete the song.  Sometimes  the wave disappears before you catch it , and then i collect pieces of ideas of songs that later when i am looking for a bridge or a chorus, I will revisit it.  I have written songs all three ways: music first, Lyrics first, and both at once.

Cathy:  When did you start writing and playing music?

I started as an early teen .. but when i met a guy when i was about 22 years old who wrote songs like little gems.. complete words with a chorus, and i learned the concept from him.

Cathy:  Has being in Second Life helped you as a musician? It has actually defined me as a musician .

Cathy:   Who is your favorite artist and why?I have more than one.. James Taylor .. such an honest songwriter with a dark side.   Steely Dan .. Donald Fagen is a genius.   Sting, I love his songs as well, and the Beatles.. wow… Bob Dylan..

Cathy:    all my favorites too … funny though I Have never been a huge bob Dylan fan

Michael Wells: I never was … . but i love to do his songs

Cathy: Why do you like purple so much?
(laughs) I have no idea – really!  It attracts me for some reason.  I wish i had a better explanation.  but can anyone explain why they love a color?

Cathy: Did you always want to be a musician?
Micheal:  Yes i did.. from about the age of 8 or 9 on,  but it was a long road.   I know people who were phenomenal musicians at the age of 17.. whereas i had talent, but it was a long road to make it viable or to get others to notice it.

Cathy: Thanks I am lucky to be a fan of yours I think!! You are so genuine and it’s a real art to connect with people in Second Life..have you met many of your second life fans in real life?

Micheal:  I am lucky to have you as a fan!! hmm no not so many… One was Rlene, I stopped to visit on my way to my brothers in Alabama, she was in Tennessee.  I was so glad i got to see her , she had cancer and died two weeks after i saw her.   I played songs to her and her family in her kitchen. It was wonderful.  They played my cd at her funeral too.

Cathy If Second Life disappeared tomorrow what would you do you have friends from there that you would keep in touch with?

Micheal: (conveys that he has met someone very special in Second Life) I have many  Skype friends from there like you. 🙂   Would probably spend more time in Inworldz in fact I will play there Sundays and Thursdays at Debbie Xennos’ new venue

At the time I was interviewing Mic he told me that October 3rd was his birthday as well as a launch party for his new CD.  Visit Mic’s websites at or

Photojournalist Elvira Afterthought attended the event below are some of her pictures:


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