Steam the Hunt is On!! #secondlife

The Fourth Annual Steam the Hunt is now on.  I must admit I haven’t found much to attract me into Second Life lately, “real life” has greatly distracted me from my Second Life activities.  But I did decide to participate in Steam the Hunt because I have enjoyed it on three previous occasions I did participate and thought it would be just the thing to get me back into Second Life. In order to make it even more engaging I decided to also blog about it a bit here.

I have participated in other hunts on the grid and Steam is the best.  Why? Well the gears always seem to be hidden just right so as to challenge you but not so deeply hidden that you give up.  I am already up to gear 20 and so far I have had fun, found some great stores and good finds, which I will picture in my next blog.

In addition to finding some great “stuff” in Second Life you will also find some great stores, art, and sims.  Participating in a hunt is a great way for a newby to experience Second Life.  If you are not in Second Life participating in this hunt or any other way is a fun way to outfit your avatar, your Linden Lab home, and experience Second Life in a guided way.

Madhattery, pictured above, is one of those fabulous stores that is not only a store with great merchandise but also the store itself is also a work of art.  One of those places I am glad to have visited in Second Life but wouldn’t have otherwise found without the experience of the Steam Hunt.

Clothing in Second Life:

At Fang and Claw the first stop on the Steam Hunt:

If you would like to learn more about Steam the Hunt you can read more about it on their blog which is located here.

If you want to learn more about hunts in Second Life you can find information here at the Second Life hunts blog.


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