A partial view of Steampunk in #secondlife

There are 10 sites in Second Life which define themselves as “Steampunk” and can be found on the secondlife.com website.  These are:

New Babbage
Armada Breakaway
Rossers Landing
Tangier East
Steelhead Port Harbor

What follows is a photo essay of my journey through each of these sites, with a slurl to each and a bit of a background on each.  As I chronicled my journey through Caledon with my last posting I will only add an additional photo or two and a slurl to Steam Sky City.  We will start there:


Here is the SLURL to New Babbage:


In front of the Men’s Outfitter’s Store Pearsed and Cut:

More information on New Babbage can be found on this Second Life Wikia: http://secondlife.wikia.com/wiki/New_Babbage .

More photos of New Babbage:

This picture clearly illustrates the industrial environment of New Babbage:

A picture outside of the T a T Store (Victorian Fashions) in Port Babbage:

(excuse me while I do a bit of shopping)

An airship that hovers over Port Babbage:

Tangiers East:

One of the first places you will land at Tangiers East is their Sky Mall:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Karamoon%202/82/79/1001

Of course I had to shop a bit:

MAB and Company; Builds, flora and fauna:

A memorial to fallen Second Lifers:

According to a notecard received at the NeoVictoria Sim the creator intended to do the following:

Much of this lore had its base in the tales of pre-Christian Scandinavia and the Celtic peoples. I began thinking …what would the Earth be like if some of the Norsk deities of old had not faded, but were living and breathing and politicking with humans still? Svartálfheim in ascendancy?
Neo Victoria is a role play sim located at the following SLURL:


Next I moved on to the beautiful Mythopoeia sim and the Curious Prim Store:

According to Wikipedia Mythopoeia is:

Mythopoeia (also mythopoesis, after Hellenistic Greek μυθοποιία, μυθοποίησις “myth-making”) is a narrative genre in modern literature and film where a fictional mythology is created by the writer of prose or other fiction. This meaning of the wordmythopoeia follows its use by J. R. R. Tolkien in the 1930s. The authors in this genre integrate traditional mythological themes and archetypes into fiction.
Some of the merchandise in Curious Prim Store:

Rosser’s Landing is home to The Riot Act a Steampunk inspired nightclub in Second Life.

I won’t write too much about Rosser’s Landing as I have written about this sim in the past:

There are several more sims I would like to write about in the future so consider this posting …

To Be Continued!


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