Advertise With Us

For those of you who may be interested in advertising with Steampunk Adventures Magazine the following rates will apply:

Advertising terms: as this is a Second Life based magazine the rates are presented in Linden Dollars (L$)

Purchase one ad at a time per issue cost:

  • Full page: 4000L
  • 1/2 page: 2000L
  • 1/4 page: 1000L
  • Banner ads (1/8) 500L

Steampunk Adventure Store Merchants:

  • Banner ads/ (1/8): Free
  • 1/4 page: 500L
  • 1/2 page: 1000L
  • Full page: 2000L

Package deal: Series of four ads:

  • Full Page: 14000L
  • 1/2 page: 6000L 1
  • 1/4 page 3000L
  • Banner ads: 1200 L

Full payment is due at the time of submission of your advertising copy, or upon agreement with our design department to design or co-design your ad.

We gladly accept and in most cases actually prefer that you provide your own artwork/ad copy.  However, we also have a couple talented graphics designers who are available to help design your ad.  The fee for design work will be negotiated between you and the designer. Tehanu Marenwolf and Garth Goode have graciously agreed to partner with us for this.

When providing your own material, please adhere to the following guidelines:

AD DIMENSIONS (in pixels, width x height)
Full Page: 2480 x 3510
Half Page Horizontal: 2480 x 1755
Half Page Vertical: 1240 x 3510
Quarter Page: 1240 x 1755
Eighth Page Banner: 1240 x 875

• Save JPEG files at highest quality.
• Submit ads at 300 dpi for best performance.
• For best results avoid font sizes below 14 points.

To enable our readers to locate your website or store more easily please provide a URL or SLURL for use in the PDF version of the magazine. IF ONE IS NOT SUBMITTED WITH YOUR AD, WE WILL ASSUME IT IS NOT WANTED, unless you submitted one for a previous ad. If you have moved your store location in the interim, be sure to notify us. (We recommend that location information within the ad text be in coordinate format, i.e. “SimName(xxx,xxx,xxx)” to make it easier for in-world readers to conveniently locate you.)

SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: We cannot accept images and/or ad copy in-world as we must be able to crop or otherwise edit the images in the layout process.

What we provide: The power of marketing…via tweeting, Steamlander forums, blogging and events in Second Life promote not only the magazine but our vendors and advertisers. It is the power of networking through a strong team of individuals who have the social networking presence to promote you and what you do. Our targeted audience is those in Second Life who are associated with the Steampunk themed/Steamlander sims; however, it is and will evolve to be much broader than that. With a focus on music, art and entertainment, fiction, non-fiction and poetry we hope to attract a large audience in and out of Second Life.

Contact information:
or, you may IM/Notecard Mathematicus Forsythe in world.