Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference is Steampunked!


The Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference is starting today and I mention it here because they have this fabulous Steampunk Build where participants enter the conference!

This is one of the most fabulous conferences and events in virtual worlds to date.  If you want more information on the conference you can view the schedule here  The conference starts today at 2PM with the opening keynote lead by Botgirl Questi.   If you are en educator or just curious about Virtual Worlds I suggest you attend this conference.  This is the third annual VWBPE conference for me and reflecting back it was my first conference that really sparked my interest in virtual worlds and their application to education.   It’s not too late, you can still attend the conference.  If you don’t have a Second Life avatar you can create one at or read about it here:

In the meantime, however, if you are reading this because you are interested in Steampunk check out these pictures:

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Steampunk Adventures Invitation for Submissions

One thing I am certain of is that for the most part those you meet in Second Life are the creative visionary types and the team at Steampunk Adventures exceed that reputation.  Not only do they; Kitsuko Pelazi, Gordon Soleil, Stereo Nacht, Dakk McDunnough, Onyx Plutonian and many others who weave in and out of our venture,  inspire and motivate me and as a result they have stretched Steampunk Adventures to new adventures.

We started out with  a plan to do a nice little online and Second Life magazine that would promote the Steampunk Adventures store in Second Life.  But with this team  that narrow of a focus would be, in my opinion, a waste of some really great talent.

Before starting the magazine I knew that some of my friends in Second Life were really good writers, had a passion for writing, and would be an asset to the magazine, that is how our new focus started.  This change meant that we would expand our vision beyond the boundaries of Second Life, that we would encourage and support new writers who just needed a venue to promote their work, and that we would need to put into place a long term plan for sustaining Steampunk Adventures.

We started to explore all the various avenues to promote what we were doing, what is required of being a full fledged literary magazine, writing competitions, and reorganizing the focus and organization of the magazine. This new focus allowed me to realize that I could achieve a long time goal and that is to publish a book.  With the help and collaboration of the people I work with on Steampunk Adventures we can possibly publish an anthology by the end of this year!   I have had the good fortune to have been able to put together a team who have been as committed to Steampunk Adventures as I am and who have pushed this magazine forward in spite of the various personal live challenges and changes I have faced over the last six months..I think we are through the worst of those and we can work together to realize this vision. I want to express my special appreciation to Kitsuko Pelazzi and Gordon Soleil for their steady focus and diligent work on Steampunk Adventures.

We are encouraging submissions of participant’s best work in various writing competitions. The winners will see their work published in the anthology and  receive a free copy of the anthology. We currently have a writing competition in place in which writers are encouraged to give a Steampunk twist to their favorite Grimm Brothers tale, submissions are due March 1. See the website for complete details:

For the long term we plan the following:

Complete Guidelines

1. Submit one previously unpublished story of up to 8,000 words or three (3) previously unpublished poems to Steampunk Adventures. Please send each entry separately and clearly mark whether it is a poetry or fiction entry.

Email entries  to:

Be sure and use a coversheet with the following information:

Your name/pen name

Name of Story (which should also be on each page of your story/poetry submissions)

How to contact you:  at least an email address

Entries will not be accepted until February 1, 2011.   Final Deadline for Entries will be July 31, 2011.  Submissions will be electronic via email to

Winners will be announced in October 2011 and winning entries including honorable mentions and the “best of”  staff writing with plans to  published in the December/January issue, a chapbook and/or ebook in December/January.   This anthology will also include the “Best of” Steampunk Adventures for the year.

Writers associated with the judges or Steampunk Adventures are not eligible to submit work to the contest.

Prizes and categories will be awarded as follows:

First Prize Short Story:          50.00

Second Prize Short story:          35.00

Third Prize Short Story:          15.00

Honorable Mention no dollar prize but possible publication in the anthology.


First Prize Poetry:             50.00

Second Prize Poetry:            35.00

Third Prize Short Poetry:        15.00

Honorable Mention no dollar prize but possible publication in the anthology.

All entries must be the original creation of the submitting author. All rights to the entries must be owned by the author and shall remain the property of the author. The author gives permission to Steampunk Adventures/Cathy Anderson. to publish and display the entry on the Web and/or eBook form if the entry is selected as a winner or finalist. Winners will be contacted within 45 days of the deadline date.

Authors retain all rights to their story but grant Steampunk Adventures/Cathy Anderson the right to compile their story into an anthology.  Steampunk Adventures is then responsible for the distribution of the anthology.  Steampunk Adventures is granted the right to publish the winning stories on its websites and post the names of contest winners as well as the titles to the stories. Author warrants that the story is completely theirs and does not infringe on the rights of any other entity and is responsible for any plagiarism or other unauthorized use.

Simultaneous Submission

Authors may submit stories that have been submitted elsewhere at other times. Author should ensure that their submissions elsewhere will not jeopardize Steampunk Adventures’ right to publish the story in an anthology if it is the winning story. (ensure that other contests also allow the authors to retain full rights to their story and allow simultaneous submission.)

Multiple Submissions

Authors may submit more than one story or poetry submission.

The submissions will be judged by the Steampunk Adventures Team, staff submissions are not allowed to the competition.

For further information on submissions to the magazine  please see the Steampunk Adventures Blog:

If you want to learn more about Steampunk and the themes associate with this genre I encourage you to check out the following website:

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Steam the Hunt is On!! #secondlife

The Fourth Annual Steam the Hunt is now on.  I must admit I haven’t found much to attract me into Second Life lately, “real life” has greatly distracted me from my Second Life activities.  But I did decide to participate in Steam the Hunt because I have enjoyed it on three previous occasions I did participate and thought it would be just the thing to get me back into Second Life. In order to make it even more engaging I decided to also blog about it a bit here.

I have participated in other hunts on the grid and Steam is the best.  Why? Well the gears always seem to be hidden just right so as to challenge you but not so deeply hidden that you give up.  I am already up to gear 20 and so far I have had fun, found some great stores and good finds, which I will picture in my next blog.

In addition to finding some great “stuff” in Second Life you will also find some great stores, art, and sims.  Participating in a hunt is a great way for a newby to experience Second Life.  If you are not in Second Life participating in this hunt or any other way is a fun way to outfit your avatar, your Linden Lab home, and experience Second Life in a guided way.

Madhattery, pictured above, is one of those fabulous stores that is not only a store with great merchandise but also the store itself is also a work of art.  One of those places I am glad to have visited in Second Life but wouldn’t have otherwise found without the experience of the Steam Hunt.

Clothing in Second Life:

At Fang and Claw the first stop on the Steam Hunt:

If you would like to learn more about Steam the Hunt you can read more about it on their blog which is located here.

If you want to learn more about hunts in Second Life you can find information here at the Second Life hunts blog.

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Issue 5 of Steampunk Adventures is out!

For some great entertaining Steampunk related fiction and non-fiction read Steampunk Adventures today!  Issue 5 here  !

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Best of Steampunk!

The team at Steampunk Adventures recognizes that “Steampunk” is hit right now and needless to say we are thrilled about that.  It seems that steampunk is a theme that can be found in books, music, fashion and home design.  Of course Steampunk can be found in Second Life as well..what is your best of Steampunk?  Please join us in recognizing the best of Steampunk by submitting your “best of Steampunk” list in books, music, fashion, home design and/or Second Life sim, blog or perhaps a category we haven’t thought of to:

This will be an ongoing feature on the Steampunk Adventures blog which will now feature your submissions!

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Fashion the Toggles the Goggles

Fashion That Toggles the Goggles

The Goggles are focused on Rag Dollz

By Dakk McDunnough

This find was quite by accident! I was in the process of doing a late September hunt and I popped into this wonderful emporium of all kinds of goodies for the Steampunker, the Lolita and dread pirates sailing the vast seas in all of us – Avast thar maties!

The owner and head designer is Emedea Morgenstern.  I fell very easily into conversation with her about Rag Dollz, her creations, and what life and everything meant to her. Well maybe not the life part. Read on for the interview!

Dakk McDunnough: ok so you are the owner and lead designer at Ragdollz?

Emedea Morgenstern: Yes I am.

Dakk McDunnough: How did you get started into designing especially designing Steampunk?

Emedea Morgenstern: I had been in SL some months and I had experience already with Paint Shop Pro so I decided I was going to learn how to make clothing.  As for steampunk, I’ve been a fan ever since the Wild, Wild West series forever ago.  It’s a style that you can do so much with and never boring.

Dakk McDunnough: OMG I use PSP and I loved that movie too!

Emedea Morgenstern: O I love it!  I prefer it to Photoshop, highly

Dakk McDunnough: I am a RL photographer and it is my Digital Darkroom!  Ok, let’s get back on subject – LOL I can go rambling off on side tracks all day if you let me!

Dakk McDunnough: how would you explain what Steampunk is to someone who has no idea? Take me for example, I am still learning as I go along.

Emedea Morgenstern: I would say imagine if, around the turn of the century, we had went toward steam power instead of the way things now, while keeping all of the lovely Victorian style clothing and manners of speech and society.  Everything more mechanical, and more adventurous!

Emedea Morgenstern: Of course there are so many facets of steampunk, goth steam, steampulp, weird west etc

Dakk McDunnough: LOL Vampiric?

Emedea Morgenstern: oh yes!

Emedea Morgenstern: People mix steampunk with just about everything and it really seems to work out.  There is such a romance to it, you can add it to anything and have style :))

Dakk McDunnough: What is your one most favorite design element or accessory?

Emedea Morgenstern: I would have to say probably bustles.  Especially in Steampunk you can go wild with them and it really makes the gowns. 😀

Dakk McDunnough: Do you have one design element that is evident in almost every piece you design that is like a trademark for you –

[2010/10/06 19:57]  Emedea Morgenstern: hmmm *thinks* Well, I’m thinking of all my outfits and I think it’s more of a style that stays with them.  Most that I do have some Victorian flair to them, either the bustles, lacey accents, flowers, something like that.  I make whatever pops into my head.  I don’t have any set standard that I go with each time.  I just try to get in a lot of nice details, texture-wise. I think my steampunk is not as hardcore as most.  It’s a little funky and carefree! hehe

Dakk McDunnough: I think you have a little bit of whimsy in there too!

Emedea Morgenstern: Oh yes! 😀

Dakk McDunnough: what has been any of your favorite designs thus far?

Emedea Morgenstern: ooo that’s a hard one, they change all the time. 😀  I would have to say tho that Amelia Takes Off is my favorite.  It was one of my first, but it really says it all about steampunk.  I imagined if Amelia Earhart had been in a Steamverse instead of historical times.

Dakk McDunnough: Where do you see your brand in about 2-3 years?

Emedea Morgenstern: If Second Life hangs in there that long I hope to still be here doing the same thing.  Like we talked about, I have just released affiliates so hopefully those will take off.  I really love making clothing and am so thankful that customers have allowed me to keep on this long, so I’m hoping for much more designing. If I could clone myself, I’d do a children’s section, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon :))

Dakk McDunnough:  What is your favorite holiday?

Emedea Morgenstern: Halloween, no doubt! Ever since I was a kid, getting dressed up and looting candy is the best!  😀 😀

Dakk McDunnough: Definitely!

Dakk McDunnough:  Is there anyone who is your muse?

Emedea Morgenstern: I’d have to say that every Steampunk/Victorian movie is!  Every time I watch one, I have 100 ideas for new outfits to make. 😀

Emedea Morgenstern: The last one was Life with Father, very Victorian.  I went straight and made a gown after watching it hehe

Dakk McDunnough: Do you have anything else you wish to add?

Emedea Morgenstern: Just that our clothing here should be fun and express who we are and what we would like to be.  I hope people will give the alternate styles, like Steampunk, a try.  I think they would like!

Rag Dollz has clothes for every taste from our beloved Steapunk to Lolita and western wear. She designs mostly for women, but there are some real gems in there for men as well and I am not talking bustles, ladies! You can purchase items as gifts, as well as Gift Certificates, so you can give that man in your life a real treat! Remember Christmas is just around the corner!

On the Steampunk Fashion Beat – This has been Dakk McDunnough

…ow my feet hurt – these heels – what do you mean the mic is still on? Oh no! cut, cut!


Emedea Morgenstern (photo 1)Anette Deceit – His Lady in Red (Photo 2) Dakk McDunnough – Regal (photo 3) NyteStalker Venom – Walk in the Park – His (Photo 4) Desiree Lurra – Watchmaker’s Daughter (Photo 5)  Danfer Bonne – Zacharias  (Photo 6)

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Rosser’s Landing A fabulous Steampunk Inspired Region in Second Life

The next Steampunk inspired sim I visited in Second Life is the fabulous Rosser’s Landing.  According to the Second Life website it is  a, “Steampunk-inspired Rosser’s Landing. The Riot Act nightclub maintains its fine establishment on the island below the town. Up in the sky, Residents are free to take in the Victorian architecture, floating dirigibles, and all the houses and stores.”    Below are some pictures I took of this region:

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